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Multi Network Printer Thermal Receipt Print service - App Links

Multi Network Printer Thermal Receipt Print service supports app links. This enables printing the web pages directly, skipping the print preview. This feature is most useful when you want to print directly from your web application to more than one printer, without leaving your web app.

Pritning via App Links.

All your web application has to do is to build "a"nchor/link tags as detailed below. If our Multi Network Printer Thermal Receipt Print service is installed on the device, These print:// links are automatically recognized. when clicked/tapped and the requested content is directly printed as desired.

The changes to be made to the HTML application is very simple, when you have the content to be printed in a url, Set up an "a"nchor/link tag with the href as shown below to enable direct print in android.

Try App Links printing (on an android device)

fully qualified URL, whose contents is to be printed
Name of the printer as defined in the app.
URL Content Type
Number of Copies to be printed, (1 -10)
<a href="print://
   &src=''">Print Me !</a>

Dynamic Generation and printing of HTML

You can also dynamically generate the HTML to be printed. Please check the example below.

function generateDynamicHTML() {
let dynHtml = 
dynHtml += <h1 style='text-align:center'>PRINTING DYNAMICALLY GENERATED HTML</h1>"
dynHtml += "'";
window.location.href = dynHtml;

Non Android Platforms

Please note : As these print:// are not recognized in non android platforms, you have to handle the situation gracefully, preferably on the server side or at least on the client side by providing alternate possibilities.

If you need any help, please write to us .