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Esc/Pos Multi Printer Network Print Service has the ability to easily print to multiple network printers in the same network. This is a usefull feature, commonly used in a restaurant environment where in multiple billing points and multiple kitchens are present. Your Restaurant Web / Android based billing app can print without much effort.

You do not need to write any code to connect and print on your network Thermal Receipt Printers. The service can be called via your print / share menu, from any app that supports the Print / share functionality

This service can be called by 3 ways

  1. Printing via Web Browser
  2. Printing via app links in a Web Browser
  3. Multiple print requests via single app links in a Web Browser

Print Service Settings

The app settings provides mechanism to configure upto 4 Network Thermal Recipt Printers, give a name to the printer, set the IP address of your Wifi/Network printer, set the printer size.

You can also test your selected printer.

Printing via Web Browser

This app will respond to print request from your web browser or any other app which supports android print functionality, just browse to the page that you wanted to be printed, then select menu, print. The defined printers will be listed, select it to print the web page on the printer.

Printing via app links from a Web Browser

ESC/POS Multi Printer Print service supports app links. This enables printing the web pages directly, skipping the print preview. This feature is most useful when you want to print directly from your web application, without leaving it. Check out the details Printing via app links in a Web Browser

Now ESC/POS Multi Printer Print service V1.0.2 supports multiple printer print requests from a single click from a web browser. You have to use our Javascript helper library to invoke this functionality. Please check out our demo page.Printing to multiple printer via single app link in a Web Browser

Please view the source code for the above page for documentation and usage


The app is designed to be highly customizable. Please Contact us for any customization that you may want.

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